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Three Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit While Moving

Moving into a new home is a long and drawn out process that can be quite stressful, since you have to pack up the entirety of your life and move it to a new location. Renting a storage unit while moving into a new home may seem like a redundant thing to do, but there are actually a few practical benefits to renting out a storage unit while in the process of selling your house and purchasing a new one. Understanding why you may want to rent a storage unit while moving can help you figure out if doing so would fit your needs.


If you haven't yet sold your existing home, you may want to rent a storage unit to move excess furniture and items into while you show your home to potential buyers. This allows you to start the packing process early, saving you time and effort down the road, while also giving your home a neater appearance. Moving larger pieces, like couches and chairs, into a storage unit can also allow you to visually expand rooms in your home through staging by creating more open space. Keep in mind that you should also pay attention to smaller items as well: empty closets and neat shelves are also selling points to potential buys.

Sizing Issues

Not every house is built the same, and the layout of your new home may not be ideal for your current set of furniture. If you find that larger pieces like tables and couches just don't sit well in your new home, you can put them in a storage unit while you attempt to find a potential buyer or a family member who is looking for new furniture instead of just throwing them out. Keep in mind that it's a good idea to measure your furniture before you move it: nothing's worse than loading and unloading a heavy piece in your new home to find out that it just won't fit.


Finally, one of the most important reasons why you may want to consider renting a storage unit while moving is because the closing and escrow periods for your old home and your new home may not overlap perfectly, despite your best planning. Instead of finding yourself attempting to rent a moving truck and finding a place to park it while you wait for your move-in date to roll around, renting a storage unit can provide you with more space and increased security, which makes it the much more convenient option.