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Can't Use Climate Controlled Storage? Know How To Keep Your Items Safe

Need to rent a storage unit? You may have been given advice to use a climate controlled storage unit. Unfortunately, that may not be an option, or within your budget. Storage units  without climate controls are perfectly fine for storing your belongings, you just need to know what precautions to take to ensure that everything is protected. Here are a few tips to follow.

Use Silica Gel To Protect Electronics

The main thing to worry about with electronic devices is moisture damage. Moisture can get into electronic devices through ventilation holes, which will rest on metal components of the device. Water causes metal to rust, which will damage your electronic devices for good in the right conditions.

A great way that you can battle moisture within your storage unit is to use silica gel. You can buy packets of silica gel that can be put in boxes that contain all your electronic devices. The silica gel packets will absorb the moisture in the air and prevent it from getting into the electronic devices.

While silica gel packets are very absorbent, they do have a limit to how much moisture they can absorb. You should periodically swap out the packets, especially if you live in a very humid environment.

Cover Large Items With Fabric

You may have concerns about large items collecting dust on them from being within the storage unit for a long time. While you can cover these items to protect them, do not use plastic wrap to do it. Plastic will trap moisture against the piece of furniture, which can damage the item due to mold growth.

Unfortunately, no amount of silica gel can protect these large items. You are better off covering items in a breathable fabric that allows air to circulate and pass over the item. You'll have the protection from dust, but no issues with trapped moisture.

Polish Leather Furniture

Your leather couches and chairs need some additional protection to prevent the material from cracking or drying while in self storage. You'll want to polish all of the material with a special leather polish prior to moving it into self storage. This will help ensure that the leather material comes out of self storage in the same condition that it went in.

These are just a couple ways that you can protect items in a storage unit without climate control. Your storage facility can provide you with more tips for how to store your belongings safely.

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