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Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Self-Storage Unit

Whether you are going to be using a self-storage unit for a short amount of time, or will need it for a year or more, it is important that you use it efficiently. You need to be sure that your belongings are safe and easily accessible. Before you start putting boxes and large items in it, here are a few tips that will ensure the entire experience is pleasant and not a big hassle.

Correct Size Unit

You want to rent a unit that is large enough to store your items and allow you to walk around inside. However, this does not mean that you need to rent the largest unit available. Keep in mind that you can stack boxes and use shelving and other furniture to hold smaller items too. The facility manager can tell you how many rooms of stuff can fit in each size unit, but you need to ask if this includes walk space. Use this information to determine what size you need.

Packing Everything

It is best to pack everything possible. This will keep dust and dampness from getting on your belongings. If at all possible, use cloth to wrap everything as you put it in boxes. You can then add a layer of bubble wrap around items that are fragile. Be sure to properly label each box so you can easily get to an item you need.

Use drop clothes to cover furniture or large items too. To make things easier on the stacking, try to use only a few different sized boxes. Pack heavier items in the small boxes and lighter things in big boxes.

Moving Into the Unit

For the best protection, place pallets on the floor where you will be putting things. This will keep them out of harm should the unit leak in a rain storm or when the snow starts to melt. Arrange the pallets in a manner that will create paths for you to get through to everything. Put big items in first, but be sure to leave enough room for the boxes. Remember, you can put boxes on furniture too. Make a row of the small, heavier boxes and then, as you stack them, go to the lighter ones. You will need to have a solid base of more small boxes to hold the larger, lighter boxes stable.

Self-storage units can be very handy between moves or to hold seasonal items you have no space for at home. Don't just box some things up and toss them in the unit. A bit of planning can make sure you get the most out of the rental while keeping everything safe.