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Four Ways To Use A Mini Storage Pod For Winter Storage

Mini storage pods can provide a host of solutions for winter storage. Whether you want to declutter or stash seasonal items, this type of storage keeps items out of your home and yard while still keeping them close. You can have the storage pod delivered to your backyard, where they can be quickly loaded with all of your summer stuff. Here are just a few ways to use a mini storage pod for the winter.

Swimming Pool Toys And Accessories

Swimming pool toys and accessories can quickly take up valuable room in your garage. Storing it in the mini storage pod provides a convenient way to stash these items away until you need them again. Make sure all of your items are thoroughly cleaned and dried before putting them into storage, and take the air out of any inflatables. Fold them flat and put them into plastic storage bins to keep them organized and protected from dust and dirt.

Seasonal Clothing

Shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits are all items you can clear out of your closets for the winter months. Use vacuum-sealed bags to organize and pack these items away for storage, and place the bags into plastic storage bins. You can also use the mini storage pod to pack away light cotton bedding, beach towels, and other summer linens to clear space in your linen closet for flannel sheets and comforters.

Children's Toys

Use your mini storage pod to stash bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, and other outdoor toys. You can purchase a small bicycle rack to organize these items inside of the mini storage pod. You can use large wire baskets to organize soccer balls, basketballs, and other sporting equipment. If you'll be packing away a sandbox and sandbox toys, empty out the sand into heavy-duty trash bags and clean each item before placing them into storage. You can also store bags of sand used to fill the sandbox.

Landscaping Tools

If you don't have a storage shed, consider renting a mini storage pod to store your gardening and landscaping tools. Invest in a baker's rack, which can be used to organize pots, watering cans, and small hand tools. Be sure to remove any gasoline from lawnmowers, blowers, and trimmers before placing them into storage.

You can choose to have the storage pod kept on your property, or you can have it transported to your storage facility. This option keeps your items securely stored at an off-site location like that of Northwest Self Storage. The storage facility can then bring back the storage pod whenever you are ready to take your items out of storage.