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4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Self-Storage Facility

Self-storage facilities provide an extremely important function to you and your home, giving you a secure space that allows you to keep your home organized and clutter-free, or to store items in the short term while completing a move to a new house. However, not all storage facilities are the same: understanding some of the different things to look for when comparing facilities can help you find the best storage unit for your needs.


The first thing that you should ask when choosing a self-storage facility is to ask what the terms of their rental agreement are. Some facilities will give you week by week or month by month rental options, which provides you with enough flexibility to remove your items and end your rental whenever you need to. Other facilities are designed for long-term storage, and thus will have you sign a contract for a predetermined period of time, usually several months to a year. This can pose a financial burden if you are only looking for a short-term storage solution.

Security Features

Be sure to check the security feature that your storage facility offers. Ideally, you'll want closed-circuit TV cameras, a security guard on the premises, fencing or some other boundary around the storage unit, and the ability to put your own lock on your unit. Every facility will differ in what they offer, but for your more valuable items, you should try to find the bests combination of features available. Also, be sure, if given the option, to choose an indoor unit over an outdoor unit, since residence inside a building represents an additional layer of protection for your belongings.

Climate Control

Another extremely important thing that you should consider when choosing a self-storage facility is whether or not they offer climate-controlled units. This is especially important depending on the climate that you live in, as well as the items that you are putting into storage. Books, collectibles, antiques, and clothes can all be damaged by moisture exposure and high levels of heat and humidity, which can make a climate-controlled unit worth the added expense.


Finally, the last thing that you should ask storage facilities when shopping around is whether or not they offer insurance policies for your belongings. This can help mitigate the financial risk of storing valuables out of your home, though like climate control it may be an extra expense. If you're only storing clothes, this may not be worth it, but for furniture and appliances, insurance can give you added peace of mind. 

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