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5 Unexpected Perks That Come With Having A Self Storage Unit

Whether you're planning a move and need a bit of extra room to get organized or you're looking for some extra storage for a long period of time while you're away from home, self-storage solutions can be a great option to consider. There are many storage sizes available and they're all over the country. In addition to extra space, self-storage can offer additional unexpected perks to customers. Here are some unexpected perks that come with having a self-storage unit:

Most Units Are Climate Controlled

This means that your personal items will be kept safe. Do you have any antiques or special family items that have been passed down over the years? You can feel more confident placing these items in your storage unit when it's climate controlled.

The Opportunity to De-Clutter and Get Organized

When you have more space to store your everyday items, that means you can really start to go through everything in your home. Before a big move or big life change, it's a great idea to get rid of clutter. This can free up your home, add more space, and allow you to have a lot less stress. When you rent a storage unit, this is an easier process to go through. 

Moving Tools

Many storage units also have extra moving tools to help make moving items in and out of storage easier. This may include elevators and moving dollies! You can also pay extra for items like moving blankets, boxes, and packing supplies. 

Acess Whenever You Want

With a self-storage unit, you don't have to wait around for other people. This means if something comes up and you need to get an important document or item out of your unit, you can do so whether it's the weekend or late at night.

Some Rentals Come with Extra Services

Some self storage companies choose to offer their guests more extras. This may include having access to a rental vehicle when you need it or being able to use the copier, printer, and fax in the main storage unit office. These extras can make life a lot easier when it's an especially busy time in your everyday world. 

There are many benefits to utilizing a self storage unit. If you want to get organized or better prep for a move to a new home, rent out a self storage unit today. Contact a storage company to learn more and get started!