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How A Storage Unit Can Assist Motorcycle Owners

When you own a motorcycle, but don't own a garage, it can be hard to store and work on it when you need to. Here, you'll find a few tips on how you can use a leased mini storage unit to help you house and care for your bike.

Inspect the Location

When you're on a bike, the terrain in which you'll drive on matters much more than if you were in a car. Sometimes, the driving surfaces aren't suitable for motorcycles, especially at the entrance where you'll need traction to pull out quickly and safely. Take a trip to the storage facility before you make any decisions to be sure that you'll be able to access the unit safely while you're on your bike.

Choose the Size

What all do you plan on using the storage unit for? Will you be using it strictly for your motorcycle and gear, or will you be adding different odds and ends in the future? Check the pricing between the different size units – you may find that you'll be able to get a size or two larger for not much larger than the small unit that would only fit your bike.

Read the Rules

Some storage facilities do not require mechanic work on their premises. If you plan on doing any work on your bike, it's best to check with the facility rules to ensure that you will not be breaking the rules by doing so. In some cases, the facility may offer special permissions for small projects, like changing your oil and brakes, but wouldn't allow a full-blown overhaul right there.

Get Organized

Once you have your storage unit leased, you're going to need to get organized. You'll want a few shelves to store your gear, maybe a hanging rack for your leathers and a tool box to organize your tools.

Electrical Access

Some storage facilities offer electrical outlets in each unit – others only have them in some and others don't have them at all. If you'll be using power tools, you'll need an electrical supply in your unit.


The storage unit might not be equipped with the lights that you'll need to do your detail cleaning work, but you can pick up affordable options, with or without needing electricity. If you know that you won't be able to plug the light in to work, you'll do well to look for a utility light with a rechargeable battery pack.

Your motorcycle doesn't have to sit out in the street – and you don't have to struggle to maintain it in your driveway. Use a mini storage unit facility to house your motorcycle safely this year.