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3 Ways A Storage Unit Is A Big Help When You Sell Products Online

If you sell your crafts or other goods online, you know how quickly you can run out of space in your home for your inventory. If you don't have a garage you can devote to your business, rent a storage unit. Here are three benefits of using a storage unit for a business you run out of your house.

1. Your Supplies And Goods Are Out Of The Way

Unless your home has plenty of room, you probably don't want to store boxes of inventory or supplies for the crafts you make. Your home may already be full of household goods and personal items, and you don't need more clutter.

A storage unit is a convenient way to store things you need for your business, and you can go to the unit every day if you need to pick up supplies. This keeps your home orderly so the business doesn't cause too much disruption. Plus, since you'll have more storage room, you can buy supplies and products in bulk for the lowest prices.

2. You Can Do Some Types Of Work From The Unit

Most storage units aren't designed to work in, and your unit may not even have electrical outlets. However, you can do some quick jobs, such as pack orders to get them ready for shipping and even take photos of your crafts or products. If you rent a unit you can drive right up to, you can pull your goods out in full natural lighting to photograph them for your website or auction listing.

This could save you from dragging everything home just to take photos and then taking them back to your storage unit until they're sold. If you pack orders from your unit, you can drop them off to be mailed on your way home and cut out the step of taking boxes home to prepare them to mail.

3. You'll Be More Organized

If you have a variety of supplies you use or products you sell, it's easy to get overwhelmed. You may get frustrated digging through totes looking for things all the time. When you have a storage unit, you can organize it just like a storeroom or closet with shelves and organizers so you can walk in and immediately find what you need.

Renting a storage unit could be a good idea for your business. You might even be able to write off the expense on your taxes if you use the unit for business purposes only and your accountant determines you qualify.