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3 Ways To Keep Your Pallet Rack System Safe

If you have a pallet rack system in your warehouse, you will need to ensure that you take the proper steps to ensure that your pallet rack system is set up correctly and that your warehouse is safe.

1. Anchor Your Pallets

First, you are going to want to ensure that your pallet racks are stable. The best way to do that is to anchor your pallet rack system to the floor properly. What type of anchoring system you need to use depends upon the seismic hazards that are present where you live. If the hazards are low, you can use smaller anchors than if the hazard is higher. You want your pallet rack to stay stable no matter what natural or unnatural force is applied to the systems.

Anchoring your pallet will ensure that the system itself doesn't fall over, which will help protect everything you have stacked up on the racks. That way, you don't have to worry about everything falling over.

2. Be Careful with Weight

Second, you need to be careful with the weight that you put on your pallet racks. You need to understand how much weight each rack can handle. It can be easy to forget, which is why you should put up signage on your racks that state how much weight they can handle. If the rack is overloaded, the structural integrity of the unit will be compromised. Constantly overloading the units will degrade the unit, which you want to avoid. By posting the weight on the rack, you will ensure that everyone knows what the racks can handle.

3. Protect Your Pallets

Third, you are going to want to protect your pallet racks. There are lots of ways equipment that you can purchase that will keep them protected. You can purchase guardrails that go around the base of the system. You can add guards that go up the vertical racks of the system. These guards or protective gear help to absorb impact when something hits your racks, such as a forklift that hits the rack or a pallet that hits the shelf.

When it comes to keeping your pallet rack system safe, you are going to want to anchor your pallets in place so that they remain stable no matter how much force comes into contact with them. You need to be careful with how much weight you put on each shelf so that you don't overload anything. You should also use protective gear to protect your rack and keep things extra safe and secure.

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